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Automated Neighbor List Management

AutoPilot automatically creates a neighbor list and compares it to your existing neighbor list. Neighbor lists can be generated with both drive test data and switch-based data. The same methodology can be used with CDMA, GSM, UMTS, TDMA, and iDEN.

  • Missing Neighbor Identification
  • Neighbor Reprioritization
  • Reciprocal Neighbor Analysis
  • Duplicate PN Analysis
  • Extra Neighbor Analysis

Automated Search Window Optimization

AutoPilot automatically optimizes neighbor and remaining set search window settings. Search window settings are intelligently optimized based on the cumulative distribution function of their delay profile.


Use all of your customers to drive test your network. The Geolocation option of AutoPilot allows you to pinpoint the location of your Call Detail Records.

  • Call events (dropped calls, normal calls)
  • Sum Ec/Io
  • Number of pilots (pilot pollution)
  • Ec/Io by PN
  • Delay by PN
  • Pilot Deltas
  • Forward FER
  • Reverse FER
  • Path loss
  • RSSI


  • Integrated support for reading GZIP compressed files directly
  • Integrated mapping lets you visualize the optimized neighbor list
  • Auto-run feature lets you run AutoPilot overnight and view the results in the morning


AutoPilot is easy-to-use - just enter the location of the input files and click Run

Integrated mapping allows you to visualize the optimized neighbor list generated by AutoPilot
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